Friday, November 17, 2006

Studio Friday: This Is Me - Part Deux

This week's Studio Friday topic is: This is me.

OK... so I actually read the whole topic info and I was a little quick on the draw with my earlier post.

This week's topic for Friday November 17th suggested by Jill: THIS IS ME!

" How about photographing a collage of the things we work with? An arranged collection of papers and embellishments, or fabrics and trims, or paints and paintbrushes, or whatever it is we do that says "this is me." I know we did tools and supplies already, but I thought it would be fun to create a little collage of all the things we use - tools and supplies both, and even other things like a favorite cd, dvd, cup of coffee, nail polish etc that say "this is me and this is what I do".

*** My image is coming soon -- I promise! I've been having technical difficulties with my camera. I haven't forgot! ***

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