Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cupcakes on the Road: San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio! Mr. Cupcake and I decided to take the weekend away and celebrate our wedding anniversary and just plain relax. After a super tasty brunch on Thanksgiving Day (I did the big turkey cooking thing last weekend) we packed up the car and headed down here to San Antonio and one of the most beautiful and peaceful resorts we have ever had the pleasure of staying at.

Mission San Juan Capistrano nearing sunset.

Today was spent walking around downtown, through the River Walk and exploring several of the Missions that were set up in the 1700s along the San Antonio River. Mr. Cupcake even got us tickets for the Spurs vs. Mavs game. After all that walking (who designs these sports arena parking lots, anyway?!) we are beyond exhausted and are looking forward to letting our heads hit the pillows.

Tomorrow we are off to explore the outerlying towns which, we were excited to discover, were settled by Germans and still maintain much of their heritage. Never being ones to turn down a 'Fest and being suckers for anything holiday related, the festivities planned in these towns sound right up our alley!

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