Thursday, November 02, 2006

Introducing... Studio Fridays!

Part of the reason we chose the apartment we moved into was because the second bedroom was quite large which would allow me to have plenty of space for my studio. In the past, my office/studio was in what would normally have been our dining room. Well, that was the plan. By the time we moved, it overtook that entire room in addition to the better part of the living room. No matter where you went, there was no way to get away from it all. As much as I love ribbon (and fabric, and paper, and about 6,000 other supplies) sometimes I just needed to get away and I couldn't. And Mr. Cupcake would make me feel incredibly guilty by not complaining when things got so out of control that you had to practically pole vault over the back of the couch to grab a seat. But now, I have an entire room (plus rediculously large closet) all to The Creative Cupcake! I could just take pictures and show you... but that wouldn't be all that exciting, now, would it?

I came across this wonderful idea called "Studio Fridays" which has a theme each week that you (I) use as inspiration to take a picture and show off your office. For example, last week's theme was "My Collections" so I think I might have photographed my ever-growing collection of "C" letter monograms. It started with the peridot Swarovski encrusted topper I made for our wedding cake and has been added to a bit at a time as I come across one that is unique or fits with our decorating style.

So stay tuned for this week's topic and picture(s) tomorrow and every Friday!

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