Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little attention for Eva!

Ever since I had my site re-designed over the summer, I have been struggling with how to incorporate Eva, my mascot of sorts, into the design. I absolutely loved her intial design when we first opened more than 2 years ago, but at the time she was relegated to a small icon at the bottom. When the initial re-design was done and she had a snazzy new outfit, she was put as an image on the front page, but she kind of interrupted the flow of what I wanted to do with that area. I didn't want to take her out, but where should I put her? It dawned on me earlier tonight and I spent some time playing around with the design and came up with my new header image:

It looks pretty pixelated here, so to see it in all it's splendor, click on the image. I may play around and tweak it a little more, but for now I'm pretty darn happy. Welcome back, Eva!

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