Monday, November 20, 2006

Just in time for stocking stuffing...

Preppy key fobs are here! A long time favorite at street fairs, our popular preppy patterned key fobs are now available on our website. Over the next couple of weeks all of our Medium width ribbon choices will be available and individually listed. We're just waiting for reshipment of some of the more popular webbing colors to be delivered.

Over the years I've found that these key chains are so popular because they are so useful and user friendly. They are sturdy and rediculously durable. I've run mine over with our car, washed them accidentally, gotten all matter of stains on them and pretty much used and abused the heck out of them and they've always held up. My favorite feature, and the one my customers rave the most about, is that I make them long enough to slip over your wrist. I've seen so many designers and retailers selling similar styles and so many of them were shorter and I couldn't understand why. What am I supposed to do with a loop that I can't wrap around my wrist or hang anywhere? Well, that's not an issue with those from The Creative Cupcake. Getting groceries into the trunk no longer requires fumbling with your keys!

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