Friday, March 07, 2008

Live Blogging: Newark Airport

I am blogging to you, live (as opposed to??) from the Admiral's Club in Newark Airport. I've been sorely behind in my rantings and ravings lately and wanted to remedy that while I had some spare time.

Mr. Cupcake is quite the seasoned traveler and has flown over 200,000 domestic miles since October, 2006. In this time he has had one flight that was canceled on him. The powers that be must not be too happy about our moving back East because we have not had much luck on this particular trip. We boarded our 7:05am flight to Newark on Tuesday morning and upon getting our wings de-iced, the de-icer guy noticed a problem with the plane's engine (that the rest of the mechanics and the pilot did not?!) and we were promptly de-boarded. American wasn't able to procure another plane for our flight, so they canceled it entirely. Three hours later, we boarded a new flight and taxied to the runway a scant hour after we were scheduled to takeoff. Not so fast! There was some bad weather in New York, so we were blessed with over 2 hours of waiting on the plane, on the tarmac before finally taking off a mere 6 hours after we were supposed to.

Surely with all of that hassle, the travel gods would smile on us for today's trip back to Dallas. Clearly not! After being delayed 30-minutes, our flight was canceled entirely because the co-pilot mysteriously was "unable to make the flight". Fan-freakin-tastic. So as an entire plane full of people bum rush the counter, we book it to the Admiral's Club. OK, so Mr. Cupcake booked it while I lagged behind. Miraculously, he is the very first on line and the wonderfully cheerful receptionist was able to snag us the last two confirmed seats on the plane. Whew! Finally, a ray of hope.

Even though our new take off time has been delayed twice, I feel OK. I just need you to cross your fingers that we actually get off the ground sometime tonight!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Shop is Closed!

I closed out my last order this morning and The Creative Cupcake is now officially closed for the move. Assuming that everything goes smoothly (ha!) we'll be back up with the new Spring styles on April 15th. Just in time to spend your tax refund!