Friday, April 13, 2007

Running for cover...

There is currently 3-inch diameter hail (that's larger than a baseball, for you sports fans) coming down just a couple of miles from our apartment, and we are under Tornado Warnings since there have been reports of tornado touchdowns within a few miles. Fortunately, it is headed directly for our area/neighborhood at an "alarming rate" and I should apparently be headed for cover in our closet since it is the only room in our apartment that is not out-ward facing and has no windows. My fault for wanting a layout with a lot of natural light, of course.

On the bright side, the local Dallas news is hysterical to watch during situations like this. There is clearly very little communication between the weather guy and the anchors and the control room -- everyone is yelling at each other to interrupt with new information and talking over one another. Ooh -- sirens are blaring throughout Dallas and if I live on a high floor in my building, I should head downstairs and wait it out in our common areas. Or, and I kid you not, knock on a neighbor's door and ask to wait it out there. I can see it now:

Umm... Hi. I'm Nicolette, the one who constantly complains that you are blaring music at 3am? Would you mind if I wait out the tornadoes in your apartment? Super... turn up the tunes while we sit in your closet!

Lucky me. Mr. Cupcake misses out on all the good stuff.

This is your life!

I heard from someone today that has been out of my life for at least 6-7 years. We go way back (i.e. she knew me when I had a perm) and it really was wonderful to see her name in my in-box. Thinking back to all the fun we used to have, I knew just how much my life has changed since that time. Gone are my convertible, my last name, school-girl crushes and gladly, my perm (though in fairness to me, that left in the early 90s). My personality has changed a bit too. I am a much happier, calmer and centered person these days. I find that when I think of people from grammar/high school/college, I expect them to be the same person they were back then -- that I've changed but everyone else has somehow stayed the same.

It is actually sort of fated that she write. Just last night I was at the fabric store and I noticed that they had hired someone new to work at the cutting table. [Clearly I am there too often if I'm noticing their employee changes, but I digress.] I actually had to do a double take because I could not believe how much she looked like my friend. I almost wanted to ask her if she had family in NJ but fortunately I had my arms full of fabric bolts and she was called away to help another customer. Life works in odd ways sometimes.

"E"'s message has also inspired me to reach out to someone that I go way-way back with. We have had on and off contact since we were born, and even if he isn't in a place to be "on again" right now, at least he'll know I'm thinking about him. Not that I ever stopped...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Her bags are bananas!!

For those of you reading this little slice of the blogosphere who are or have ever been vendors at a craft show or street fair know that a slow show can drag on forever. By 10am the seemingly-early 4pm pack up time already feels like a cruel joke. You swear it must be nearly noon by now but, mockingly, only 3 minutes have passed since you last checked your watch. The upside of shows like this is that you have more time to snark on that vendor down the aisle selling screen-printed t-shirts with wolf and wizard motifs -- and the truly fashion-forward customers who buy from their booth.

Said snarking is made even more fun when you can share it with neighboring vendors like Kelly of Banana Showcase. We met during the holiday rush of shows when I spied an adorable handbag handcrafted from one of my favorite Amy Butler patterns across the room. Needless to say, I went home with the bag and was happy to run into Kelly again just a few weeks ago. She is a master at choosing the perfect fabric for the size of the bag -- all of which she designed unique patterns for. You can't beat how affordable the designs are -- I've just gone bananas over them!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tomorrow - You're always a day away

Online Etymology Dictionary: procrastination
1548, from L. procrastinationem "a putting off," noun of action from procrastinare "put off till tomorrow," from pro- "forward" + crastinus "belonging to tomorrow," from cras "tomorrow," of unknown origin. Procrastinate is recorded from 1588.

There is nothing like waiting until the very last minute to do something. I actually happen to be one of those people who thrive under a time crunch. Give me a two week deadline and I'm just about useless. Need that same project done in a day? I'm you're gal. While it certainly has its up sides (I can turn my apartment from disaster zone to photo shoot ready in mere hours), I tend to get caught up in the down sides roughly around April 15th. This year is certainly no exception and it is not the first time I've divulged it here.

So on this beautiful, sunny, 72-degree Dallas day I am firmly attached to my desk chair sorting through piles of receipts, invoices, orders and spreadsheets. Sure, it is completely my "fault" but where is the fun in blaming yourself?

Now, with twice the fun of Original Blog!

I've been kicking around the idea of starting up another blog -- more shopping and random life stuff. Pretty often there are amusing things that happen or some really great/fun/trendy/classic thing I just have to have that I want to talk about, but part of me always felt that this blog should be more business-based. Well, as of late that has meant its gotten fairly snooze-worthy and I simply can't have that.

Seeing as I run the show around here (contrary to when I sometimes feel my ribbon has taken over the business and is then running at least 2 of this 3-ring circus), I think its only fitting that I get to make executive decisions. Right? Right!

From now on, don't be surprised if there is something worth reading, traveling to or buying around here in addition to the fabulous things you already want to buy from The Creative Cupcake. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Calling all mommies!

We are in the designing and testing phases of our new baby & toddler line of gifts and "accessories" that will be ready for sale later this summer. The only problem is that, since we don't (yet) have our own Cupcake Children and have moved far away from our favorite little 'guys, we need a few little ones to try out our stuff! Interested product testers should:

* have a little one (or more) at home under the age of 12 months
* are able to thoroughly and candidly fill out an initial survey about the product(s) sent for you to test as well as answer any follow up questions.
* optional: are willing to submit photos of your little one wearing/using the product(s) for use on our website and/or promotional materials.

Your hard work will be rewarded with free product(s) and a special coupon code to use on our site or at any in-person shopping appearance.

If you are interested, email us at: nicolette{at} with your name, address, and gender/age of your little one(s). If you are chosen to participate, we will contact you within a few days with more details.

3 days left!

It's almost time to launch our full Spring line!! The past few days have been largely spent glued to my laptop, editing photos and working out final pricing formulas. I am thrilled with what we're coming out with and, most of all, I'm thrilled to almost be done! While I do love designing and sewing up headband after hair clip after belt -- sometimes I like to venture outside of my studio. Maybe into my living room. Maybe, on a really good day, outdoors before 8pm. A girl can dream, can't she?!

We'll be sending an email/newsletter out on Friday to give you the full scoop on our new headband designs (zinnias, scarf styles, wider preppy ribbon) -- you write in, we listen! What else do you have to look forward to this spring?

Customer photo contest * more gift-y items * the beginning peeks into our upcoming baby/toddler products * expanded ribbon choices & our 3 year anniversary sale!