Friday, April 13, 2007

Running for cover...

There is currently 3-inch diameter hail (that's larger than a baseball, for you sports fans) coming down just a couple of miles from our apartment, and we are under Tornado Warnings since there have been reports of tornado touchdowns within a few miles. Fortunately, it is headed directly for our area/neighborhood at an "alarming rate" and I should apparently be headed for cover in our closet since it is the only room in our apartment that is not out-ward facing and has no windows. My fault for wanting a layout with a lot of natural light, of course.

On the bright side, the local Dallas news is hysterical to watch during situations like this. There is clearly very little communication between the weather guy and the anchors and the control room -- everyone is yelling at each other to interrupt with new information and talking over one another. Ooh -- sirens are blaring throughout Dallas and if I live on a high floor in my building, I should head downstairs and wait it out in our common areas. Or, and I kid you not, knock on a neighbor's door and ask to wait it out there. I can see it now:

Umm... Hi. I'm Nicolette, the one who constantly complains that you are blaring music at 3am? Would you mind if I wait out the tornadoes in your apartment? Super... turn up the tunes while we sit in your closet!

Lucky me. Mr. Cupcake misses out on all the good stuff.

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