Friday, April 13, 2007

This is your life!

I heard from someone today that has been out of my life for at least 6-7 years. We go way back (i.e. she knew me when I had a perm) and it really was wonderful to see her name in my in-box. Thinking back to all the fun we used to have, I knew just how much my life has changed since that time. Gone are my convertible, my last name, school-girl crushes and gladly, my perm (though in fairness to me, that left in the early 90s). My personality has changed a bit too. I am a much happier, calmer and centered person these days. I find that when I think of people from grammar/high school/college, I expect them to be the same person they were back then -- that I've changed but everyone else has somehow stayed the same.

It is actually sort of fated that she write. Just last night I was at the fabric store and I noticed that they had hired someone new to work at the cutting table. [Clearly I am there too often if I'm noticing their employee changes, but I digress.] I actually had to do a double take because I could not believe how much she looked like my friend. I almost wanted to ask her if she had family in NJ but fortunately I had my arms full of fabric bolts and she was called away to help another customer. Life works in odd ways sometimes.

"E"'s message has also inspired me to reach out to someone that I go way-way back with. We have had on and off contact since we were born, and even if he isn't in a place to be "on again" right now, at least he'll know I'm thinking about him. Not that I ever stopped...

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