Thursday, April 12, 2007

Her bags are bananas!!

For those of you reading this little slice of the blogosphere who are or have ever been vendors at a craft show or street fair know that a slow show can drag on forever. By 10am the seemingly-early 4pm pack up time already feels like a cruel joke. You swear it must be nearly noon by now but, mockingly, only 3 minutes have passed since you last checked your watch. The upside of shows like this is that you have more time to snark on that vendor down the aisle selling screen-printed t-shirts with wolf and wizard motifs -- and the truly fashion-forward customers who buy from their booth.

Said snarking is made even more fun when you can share it with neighboring vendors like Kelly of Banana Showcase. We met during the holiday rush of shows when I spied an adorable handbag handcrafted from one of my favorite Amy Butler patterns across the room. Needless to say, I went home with the bag and was happy to run into Kelly again just a few weeks ago. She is a master at choosing the perfect fabric for the size of the bag -- all of which she designed unique patterns for. You can't beat how affordable the designs are -- I've just gone bananas over them!!

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