Monday, July 24, 2006

Drumroll, please!

Since my site is still down and I can't edit the things I need to, I've had some extra time to work on some cute new designs to add as part of my regular collection. Introducing... the McKenna Bow!

These bows were inspired by my friend Sharra's youngest daughter McKenna - who, ironically, still has no hair. She's a southern girl, you see, and they like their bows big in the south. I, on the other hand, just cannot understand putting a big ol' bow on a poor little baby's head. I just can't do it. When we travel and I see the little girls sitting in their strollers with their heads leaning to one side because their bow is just too big, I have to laugh. As I always say about my beautiful but uncomfortable designer shoes, "It's fashion, not function!"

The McKenna bow will come in 4 different sizes (for Yankees and Southerns alike) and depending on the size, over 35 different ribbon choices!

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