Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's a Crafty Day in the Neighborhood

Fresh off of 2 weeks of much needed rest, relaxation and restoration, I spent today in my studio. After I packed up the orders that came in since Friday's batch, I ran some crafty errands which included a stop at Michael's. I went with the intention of picking up a new pair of scissors for "around the house" since I am very territorial about my scissors and their specific uses. Heaven help someone (ahem.... Mr. Cupcake) who tries to cut out a newspaper article with any of the clearly labeled pairs in my studio, which we fondly refer to as the Fabric Scissor Incident of 2005.

Certainly, I cannot just walk out of a craft store with the one item I went in to buy. I don't think I have it in me. During my crafting binge (hey, it's better than chocolate -- well, almost), I found myself in the wooden-things section. Something inspired me to pick up 3 initial C's of different shapes and sizes, remembering that I discovered a pile of scrapbooking paper in the depths of our storage. There is a technique that I saw that involves gluing the paper onto the front of the wooden shape and then sanding off the edges, giving it sort of a shabby chic feel. A few aisles later, I saw the new Amy Butler line of scrapbooking goodness and into my cart went some paper.

One I did in Oxford Stripe paper, another in Olive Acanthus paper and the third, which was beveled along the edges, in a Robert Kaufman fabric I had a scrap of on my desk. All 3 came out beautifully -- I'll post pictures tomorrow when the lighting's better -- and are now at home on our wall of initials.

I love how accomplished crafty days can make me feel!


suburban prep said...

I have the same problem going into Michael's.

Cupcake Gal said...

I have to stop myself sometimes because I know I just "need" 1 small thing, but $50 later.........