Thursday, June 21, 2007

I wasn't going to blog today...

Today was spent organizing and cleaning my studio and I am exhausted. I'm thinking about posting photos tomorrow since I get a lot of questions about where the preppy creating goes down. Initially I wasn't going to show any studio photos until I was finished. I wish I had taken before pictures so you could be as truly impressed with the "progress" as I am. My guess is that many of you reading this will look in horror and dismay at the sad state of affairs that is my workspace/studio/office. Me? I am tickled pink (and green)! After 9 months, I finally have a dedicated work space, which means no more working from my kitchen island! If you squint, you can see me working, there, on the right atop my favorite camel colored microsuade "bar" chairs.

In completely unrelated news: Mr. Cupcake is traveling again this week. The following story may not be terribly entertaining (what a great lead-in!) but now that it's behind us I can sort of laugh at him. Plus, I know some of his co-workers read this very blog and will probably give him flack about it. So... last night one of his flights was delayed for several hours, diverted once they finally got off the ground, and then delayed again getting into his final destination. His flight finally landed just shy of 7 hours later than expected, after 2:30AM. Of course, the car service that was booked didn't bother to show up, even after assuring him they were monitoring his flight and would be there. An hour and a half later (that's 4AM for you folks keeping track), they finally sent someone and he got to his hotel room by 5AM. Poor bastard had to get up for work about an hour later, so at least he'll get some pity when he comes home tomorrow.

The odd thing was that I had a terrible night's sleep last night. I got 2 hours, tops. As someone who could sleep soundly while doing a handstand in a monsoon, this was a bit frustrating. Damn sympathy sleeping issues. He'd better gain some significant sympathy pregnancy weight when the time comes!!

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