Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer vacation, finally!

While everyone else is saying "goodbye" to summer and heading back to school, Mr. Cupcake and I are headed down the shore for our summer vacation! Because of the Mr's busy schedule (and his charming inability to leave work unless every last thing is done to absolute perfection at the direct risk of his personal life), we haven't taken a proper vacation since we moved to New Jersey in March. We had the opportunity to travel together at least once every 6 weeks while living in Dallas, so needless to say, we are ready for a few days of R&R and "us" time.

Here's to days filled with sand and sun,

calm, peaceful nights

and maybe a jackpot or two!

The bags are packed, and the mammoth September editions of my favorite magazines are waiting to be read. I can't wait to see what shenanigans we find ourselves in this time!


Preppy Lizard said...

Have fun!

Brie said...

My husband is the same way, so I can commiserate! Have a GREAT time!!

Always Organizing said...

Hope you had a great vacay! Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment about my possible wedding venue. It's always nice to hear from another Jersey girl :)

preppy little dress said...

wish i was on that slot machine! great photos!

Creative Cupcake said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Sadly, no big jackpots but the Mr. and I had a FABULOUS time relaxing and forgetting about work. I'm thinking of a career change and becoming a full-time vacationer!