Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"It looks like it's a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park."

I just finished catching up on this season's Project Runway and overall, I'm pretty underwhelmed. It seems the number of whiny, overly dramatic designers is way up this year. Fortunately they seem to be falling in the bottom 2/3 and are slowly being "Auf'ed".

My picks have been more or less in line with the judges, though I really think Joe should have won the Olympic challenge. It was the only one presented that I could actually picture the athletes wearing without looking completely ridiculous (really Jerell, what were you thinking?!):

photo (c) BravoTV.com

I adored last week's drag queen challenge because it allowed the designers to really go outside their comfort zones and was fairly unrestricted. I'm going with Terri, Kenley and Korto for top 3. What do you think of the season so far? Early favorites?


Preppy Lizard said...

I am so underwhelmed with this season so far too. I do like Kenley, so I'm hoping she is top 3.

Brie said...

I am enjoying it. I love Kenley... not sure if it's for her designs of personal fashion sense!