Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cloud Blue: Color of the Day

A few days ago I read about Pantone's Colorstrology website (of course I bookmarked it and now can't remember who wrote about it). I am so inspired by color and texture that I could not wait to find out what mine would be and what it would say about me. It is so spot-on accurate that I had to rush over and post about it:

You have a creative mind and an adventurous spirit. It nay be a challenge for you to keep your equilibrium due to your sensitive nature. Partnerships are very important to you and you should s surround yourself with people who are kind and loving. It is essential for you to be creative and exress your childlike spirit. Don't let the weight of life or responsibilities weigh on your spirit. Your personal color resonates with vision. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Dream Blue eases your emotional nature and promotes balance and well-being.

What is your color? Find your birth date and post in the comments!

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