Friday, September 19, 2008

Bring on the hot chocolate!

I just took a peek at today's weather report and we're looking at a 67-degree high and 47-degree low tonight. As a warm-weather-phobe, I am in my glory. We won't even talk about the fact that last Sunday (a mere 5 days ago) was a record breaking 91-degrees. This weather has been more bi-polar than my Gemini mother!

Fortunately, Mr. Cupcake has a half-day today -- which was supposed to be a full day off, but I lost that battle hands down -- so hopefully we'll get to spend a good chunk of the day outdoors. What I am looking forward to most, besides wearing my ice blue pashmina that makes my eyes look fabulously sparkly, is Starbucks Hot Chocolate. Not being one to drink a hot beverage on a hot day (seriously, I don't get people who do that), I have been itching for my Grande Non-Fat No-Whip Hot Chocolate and I think today will be the perfect day!

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Always Organizing said...

ohhh, I love SB hot chocolate!