Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Insert witty blog title here...

Lots going on in Cupcake land, hence the sporadic blog posts as of late. As I type there are 43 brand new items waiting to be photographed and listed on the site -- all of which have been patiently waiting for close to 3 weeks now. No time then and no time now, but somewhere, some way I need to make time.

Our first event of the season is coming up next weekend and I don't feel even remotely ready. They quoted about 70,000 people for last year's attendance, which means I need to have a fair amount of back stock to keep our display full. It is also a 3-day show, with three FULL days (6am - 10pm on Saturday... are you kidding me?!) so I need to have a fair amount of sleep leading up until then. I am mostly dreading Sunday night when I will undoubtedly crash into oblivion, not to be seen out of my bed until Wednesday.

I've also discovered how much joy I get in throwing things out -- which is an odd thing for me (a self-proclaimed pack rat) to type. I have a bad habit of keeping things, rationalizing that I'll find a use for them but knowing they will inevitably end up in storage. I've been forced to weed through a good deal of it lately and have admittedly found a great deal of joy in deciding to toss things I haven't used/needed/wanted in the past year. It puts me in quite a zen state, I must admit. Our clothes closet has been put on notice, because I made an appointment with a consignment store and all bets are off!

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