Sunday, August 05, 2007

Updates shmupdates

The past few weeks have managed to simultaneously be full of exciting things and dreadfully dull. The combination of lots of studio time and being under the weather for the better part of July have put me on the fast track to burnout. No official vacation time planned, though we're taking a short business-related trip to Austin later this month, which should help a bit.

I'm working out my Fall & Holiday show plans. Since we'd just moved to Dallas during the prime show dates, I missed out on some of the bigger (and better shows), so I don't have any firsthand knowledge of which the truly good ones area. I've chosen shows in towns that have either been good shows before or I happen to have a lot of customers from. Fingers crossed that it'll work and we'll have a more successful 4th Quarter than last year! I'll have official dates and locations posted as soon as I get confirmations.

I'll probably put up a separate post about it, but Minneapolis was wonderful. Such a fun and artsy city -- not at all how we'd perceived it to be. In fact, we're planning a trip back when we have more time to explore and spend time in St. Paul and the outskirts. The only real downer of the trip was that we found out a day too late that Erasure (whom we absolutely love seeing Live) was playing a venue that was literally next to our hotel... Hearing about the bridge collapse was a little unsettling since we were, literally, right there just a few days before it happened.

More shopping info and a sneak peek at what items will be in the Bake Sale coming this week...

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