Friday, August 10, 2007

Up to: 8/9/07

Pink bakery boxes
Yummy new gift boxes coming to the site soon, just in time for holiday shopping.

Listening to:
Maroon 5: It Won't Be Soon Before Long
It's become a staple when I'm driving around and running errands.

Blog Reading:
Clutter Control Freak Blog
10 months since our move and we still have unpacked boxes to deal with!

Shopping for:
Rococo Fabric Tote Boxes
What a pretty way to deal with said unpacked stuff.


suburban prep said...

What a cute idea for "left over" stuff. I have tons of yarn I could hide in those.

Steph said...

I LOVE those pink bakery boxes!!!

Creative Cupcake said...

I have a few of the totes in different patterns they've come out with over time, but am loving the new lime and turquoise. Picked up 3 new ones this morning!