Sunday, January 13, 2008

A shopping kind of mood

It's one of those days, again, when I feel the need for a little retail therapy. The fact that it is not even 8am here and I am already window shopping does not bode well for my willpower. In my own defense (not that I need to defend myself), I have some money left over from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet. And that's just not healthy to have it hanging around, right? I didn't think so...

Boatman Geller Notepads at See Jane Work

Doscher's Famous French Chew Vanilla Taffy

Flight Wrap / Top at En-Day

Starburst Wire Wall Mirror at Wrapables

Fused Glass Platter from iFuseSolutions

I refuse to make promises that any number of these items will not be in my possession by the end of the day.


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Hi! You make such cute things!

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to hear/see more from the CC! Love the name! :)

Creative Cupcake said...

Thanks!! The spring patterns are going to be out soon so stay tuned!