Friday, January 11, 2008

Like a bat out of...

I am blogging to you "live" today from the Cafe in Central Market in Southlake. It is amazing the amount of work I've gotten done by simply getting out of my studio for a few hours. The 5-foot proximity to free refills of Diet Coke (with fresh lemons!) isn't exactly hurting my morale, either.

I managed to do a quick update of my blogroll (see on the right) but there are lots more to add. Particularly my fellow crafty/indie businesses with some fabulous blogs. Baby steps, I guess.

Not much on tap for Mr. Cupcake and me this weekend, but I *did* find the cable to connect my camera so I will have photos of some of the Spring 2008 lines for you next week. Lots of florals (poppies and daisies) as well as a huge bump in the number of vintage-style patterns. Super cute, I promise you.


a. said...

Good for you! Can't wait to see the new designs.

Also, I noticed your blogroll and wanted to let you know that I don't have Petite Tresor anymore...I accidently deleted it and there is some weird guy blogging at my old address! I am now or

Creative Cupcake said...

Whoops! I think I just went through part of my Bloglines and copied some things over without paying attention. Anyhow... dually noted and I'll have it updated with the right stuff. I am glad you're back and blogging at PP again!