Friday, January 05, 2007

The Year of the Headband: Part I

Years ago when I started my business, it was my passion for unique jewelry that inspired me. I loved the hunt for the perfect pendant and searching out just the right shade of olive green dyed pearls so I could create the amazing necklace I had envisioned. Somewhere along the way I fell into the world of fabulous ribbon and have never looked back.

Now I am driven to find fabulous vintage trims and lush velvets (shh... I may have said too much!). Let's not even get into the joy I've been experiencing lately as I'm reorganizing my preppy ribbon stock and picking out new patterns for Spring 2007.

My new "thing" is headbands. I'm obsessed! As someone who is perpetually growing out my bangs (only to cut them when I realize that I look better with them, but I digress...) headbands have been a staple in my accessory wardrobe. Lately, that obsession has translated into designs for TONS of new headbands for the site. While infinitely more labor intensive than what I currently make, I'm enjoying these wrapped headbands so much. Especially since I've been wearing one for hours now and still don't have a headache. Score!

I'll be posting pictures of more new headband styles over the next few days. Bad hair days will be a thing of the past - or at the very least turned into a cute hair day!

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