Thursday, December 14, 2006

New: Grosgrain Ribbon for Sale!

Even though we are smack in the middle of the holiday season, I have been spending the better part of the past few weeks finalizing the designs for Spring 2007. I'm trying to think of flowers and balmy weather while my radio plays "O Holy Night", the humor of which is not lost on me. I've decided to completely revamp the belts the design of the belts that we carry, and also take the time to update our ribbon inventories. There are several new grosgrain ribbon designs that I have been itching to carry for our Preppy styles, but that means I need to discontinue some of the current styles.

Sometimes in my business, I may be thinking about 2 completely unrelated things and, all of a sudden, they cross paths. Like today. You see, I often receive questions from customers asking about my ribbons and if I sell them. Well, now I do! Sort of... Seeing as I'm going to be left with thousands of yards of ribbon that I won't be using anymore and need to clear out of my studio, I've decided to sell the overstock and discontinued ribbon along side my accessories. Take a look!

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