Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Latest Show

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The show in Ridgewood was a HUGE success! We had a few of our favorite visitors stop by to say hello. There were even some people who popped into our booth that I haven't seen in years! The day went by so fast we barely had a moment to sit down and we sold so much that packing up was a breeze.

Added to our usually hectic show prep this week is my BIRTHDAY! As I'm turning 25, I realize that I'm officially old. Why? Because I no longer can apply to be on The Real World. Sounds silly, I know. But, as a member of the MTV generation, it is a pop culture milestone in life.

Acually, since Mr. Cupcake is traveling (sniff, sniff) and I'll be babysitting for 3 days, we're going to pretend that my birthday isn't until he gets back. I'm all for a prolonged celebration!! Plus I've scheduled a little R&R for early next week. Hopefully there will be some joint birthday celebrating with my brother Eric too!

Next up: Sunday 10/2 - The Cranberry Festival in Bordentown!

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Ricky Star said...

Congratulation on your show. Love your blog !