Monday, October 26, 2009

I think I just put Spanx on my couch.

After the pudding incident the other night, I tried a dozen different things but nothing could get the darn chocolate {mint!} pudding out of the fabric on our couch. Truthfully, I could have probably hidden the stains with some strategic pillow placements but what fun is that?! I was upset and hell bent on fixing it somehow, and since a new sofa is out of the question, I moseyed over to SureFit to go slipcover shopping. 

I had an unspeakably ugly experience with an unfitted slipcover years ago for a {three times} hand-me-down couch in our first apartment. "Never again," I swore. And one AMEX and 3 UPS shipping days later, here we are.

I went with a three-piece stretch fabric, so the couch could have some definition and wouldn't look like the Big Blob of Fabric, Part II. This super stretchy, gigantic shower cap (and two matching cushion covers) arrived today and I got right to work putting this bad boy on. I realized pretty quickly that I was putting the equivalent of Suede Spanx onto my sofa.

In the end, our sofa went from looking like this little slice of pretty to looking like this: 

Yes, it could be much worse. I know that. But after all of the huffing and puffing involved in getting the main cover on, I expected something a little more snug fitting. No idea how I got the left side straight and the right side is bunched up - and there is a good amount of fabric sort of tucked into the back, behind the cushions. Apparently, my couch is too skinny for Spanx. I, on the other hand...

But I digress. I do love how the cover accentuates the back pillow lumpiness, and gives the seat cushions the faintest hint of the couch equivalent of a camel toe. Klassy. {Could be worse... could be worse...}

Also, I clearly need to take a minute to reorganize my bookshelves. But that's another post for another time. I need a nap!

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