Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween... just don't ring my bell!

I am not one of those people who get all excited about Halloween. Frankly, I pretend I'm not home when kids knock on my door, grubbing for candy. Ha-ha! Trick's on you... I'm sitting right here on my couch.

My mom was not one of those crafty, creative stay-at-home moms that my friends had. She had a job and less than no time to come up with something unique for me. When I was growing up, the extent of my costume creativity was to throw on one of those flammable smock deals from the local County Discount with the plastic mask that would totally be illegal today. I did have a brief stint as a homemade She-Ra in the mid-80s, but I clearly peaked early. In high school I upgraded to less whorish versions of the Slutty Devil or the Slutty Witch but that was just about as festive as I ever got.

Not much has changed since those days. This Halloween will be just another Saturday, cleaning the house and running errands. Now, if you want to talk day-after-50%-off-candy... I'm your girl!


a said...

You will not be surprised to learn that I am not a Halloween girl either. My mother was a teacher and says years of dealing with kids hyped up on candy on Halloween in her classroom made her despise it. As a result, my brother & I chalk it up to since she didn't like it neither do we!

Anonymous said...

Matchless theme, it is very interesting to me :)

Anonymous said...
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