Sunday, April 13, 2008

Live Blogging: New Jersey!

Tonight will be out first night in our new apartment and I can honestly say that it did not come a day too soon. This move has been a nightmare at the best of times, and I am thrilled that it is more or less over.

Truthfully, this past month sucked most of the humor out of me so the blog posts that I started along the way were all fairly boring. I could regale you with one tale after another about canceled flights (yes, there were more), movers not showing up and absurdly mislabeled boxes (they packed my pasta pot with our computer monitor?!) -- but I'm sure you'd rather hear about what's coming up for The Creative Cupcake.

Because of complications with our move, we won't be able to open on April 15th like we had planned, and the store will officially re-open by May 15th. There's a good chance some fabulous backstock will make its way into our Etsy store before then, so watch the blog for an announcement.

Our show schedule is starting to take shape and there are some fantastic towns that we can't wait to visit. For all of our local customers: we will be missing the Crafts in the Park in Westwood (which, incidentally, was the very first show we ever participated in back in 2005), but look for us all over Bergen County as well as Central & Southern NJ during the Fall.

With any luck, my blogging and hilarity levels will be back to normal once I can get our apartment into some semblance of order. If nothing else, a photo of our den (where ALL of the office/studio/miscellaneous boxes and things were placed) will provide you all hours of laughter!

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