Friday, April 25, 2008

I've been bitten...

... by the shopping bug!

Spring seemed to arrive out of no where late last week and temps have been well above normal by double digits. It makes me so glad that I finally replaced my missing pashmina two weeks ago! The change of weather has inspired some warm weather shopping which, in addition to my just-moved-and-need-to-buy-new-everything shopping has been helping to ease [distract me from] what has been a surprisingly difficult transition. Some fabulous new treats have been making their way into the Cupcake apartment, so let's take a trip through my AmEx statement:

L.L. Bean - Rugby Stripe Boat & Tote in Lime

Garmin - NĂ¼vi 660

This particular purchase has even inspired a surprise getaway for Mr. Cupcake and myself!Yes, hon, I know how you hate surprises -- even fun ones -- and, no, I am not going to tell you... so don't even ask!

Staples - Sloane Luxura Manager's Chair

I've been after the Eames manager's chair in light blue for years but snagged this sort-of-look-alike for almost 50% off!

Merrell - Plaza Leather Moccasin in black

Aside from being absurdly comfortable (hellooooooo, new street fair shoes!), I found them at Marshalls, on clearance!

What gems have you found lately during your own retail therapy?

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suburban prep said...

Love the LL Bean totes as well.