Tuesday, May 01, 2007


In completely unrelated news of the I-just-need-to-share-this-with-someone-who-can-appreciate-it type...

Backstory #1 - Right after we got married, I went out an picked out the most fluffy, comfortable bedding I could find. We spent a small fortune and rationalized it by saying we spend 1/3 of our day in bed (no dirty jokes) so it might as well be comfortable. Plus, we'd already spent a separate small fortune on our actual bed frame a few years before so we thought it just wouldn't be right to cover said bed with cheap linens. It was worth every penny because we've been sleeping on a cloud ever since.

Backstory #2 - When we moved to Dallas, I couldn't get over how "masculine" our apartment design was. Each unit has a decorative color throughout the place with accent walls and back splash tiles all painted this grey-ish/brown-ish color (this particular layout wasn't available with the turquoise-ish green that we wanted). Not to mention, all the wood cabinets, dark granite, poor cabinet space/layout and harsh, track lighting. Clearly this building was designed by a straight man. So one of the first rooms I tackled to decorate was our 2nd bathroom, which is across from my studio. I found the Jane Paisley prints on sale at Pottery Barn so I was able to do almost the whole room for under $100.

Backstory #3 - The San Marcos outlets outside of Austin are amazing. We'd stopped last trip but only got to go to the Crate & Barrel outlet because someone, who shall remain nameless, was quite hungry and wanted to get back on the road. Since then I've been dreaming of my return trip to the Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma/West Elm outlet since it is at least twice the size of the one I used to frequent in New York. (Side note: I generally avoid paying retail at all costs).


As the weather here is inching into the mid-80's we realized that we need to pack in our fluffy comforter for something a little lighter weight for the summer. After eyeing this great medallion printed quilt at West Elm for too long, it went on sale and sold out before I could act. I remembered that the Jane pattern from our bathroom also came in bedding, but the quilts were all sold out through Pottery Barn. We were in San Antonio a little over a week ago and I took a drive out to San Marcos one afternoon with the express purpose of finding the Jane Quilt in blue. No such luck there, but I did find the West Elm quilt!!! I'm still trying to hunt down the matching shams but I was so happy to find it -- and at less than 40% of the retail price!!

Isn't she pretty... and so me!

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Glad that you are happy with your purchase. It is great.