Friday, February 23, 2007

Preppy.... cows??

While researching something completely unrelated, I came across this darling little cow that I just had to share with someone. I want to thank Gayle Young, the wonderful artist, who is responsible for bringing this slice of preppy goodness into our lives. And just read this blurb on Fun to Collect:

Don't mistake this cow for your ordinary high school prepster. She's preppy royalty and her kingdom spans the likes of popped collars, pearl earrings and plaid skirts. Whether at a polo match or on the golf course, she's always high class!

Priceless! While I certainly can appreciate her little grosgrain bow, I have to ask... where is her ribbon belt?! I guess she'll still get preppy points for her ribbon watch and matching flip flops! I think I may have to create a pasture for her in my studio!

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