Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How cute is this?!

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I've been working on some new bow designs and even though this is a take off of the McKenna, I think it is so cute. And I'm not even a "big bow" person. I'm going to be offering this style in 3-4 other color combinations, including pink and green (our favorite!!). Stay tuned... I should have them added to the site and ready to buy early next week!

We recently found out something that could be very exciting for the future of The Creative Cupcake. The down side? I can't say a peep about it until everything is finalized. Very unfair, I know, but I wanted to mention it so those of you reading the blog (Bueller?) could send out good karma vibes our way. I'm finding it hard to type at my normal speed while my fingers are crossed!

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