Friday, November 06, 2009

Whoops! & Flickr Friday Favorites

I knew I had a busy week, so I wrote and scheduled a few funny/interesting posts for this week... or thought I did. Heck, I even remember doing it. Apparently the blog gods were conspiring against me, because not only did they not post, they are completely gone from my account! Oddness... I will certainly have time to post next week, so in the meantime, want to take a guess on what has been consuming my time??

1. Welcome to Las Vegas (178/365), 2. Peacock Plumes, 3. 03.12.09: ladies..., 4. Lace Jacket for Wedding Dress, 5. Wheel of Fortune, 6. Pristine, 7. My new 3 1/2" high heel sky blue DUNE shoe, 8. Vegas Baby!, 9. Ribbon Curls (Infinite)

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