Sunday, October 30, 2005

Real live Martha!

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In all the excitment of the past few days, I'd completely forgotten to post about my time spent with Martha on Wednesday! I'd put in for tickets long before the show even started so I was thrilled to find out I was going to share relative breathing space with Martha, herself. Of all the live tapings I have been to, this was the first that didn't treat the audience like a bunch of cattle. There were not only 2 rooms full of chairs and benches, but tasty looking baked goods and Vitamin Water. That's why she's Martha!

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Of all the guests to be there, Linda Dano was on -- whom I've met so many times and was just a riot! Who else would ask Martha if she was dating anyone? I just had to laugh during the cooking segment when Martha was amazed that they sold prebaked brownie sheets in grocery stores. She's so undomesticated sometimes!

Not that you go for the free stuff, but, well, you kind of do :) We walked home with our very own copy of TV Guide with Ms. Stewart on the cover and a skull. Yup. A skull. Certainly beats the heck out of the 97 gifts Rosie O'Donnell gave away the next day, but who's keeping track?!

Somehow I managed to snag tickets for another taping this week. All of this crafting and cooking have completely inspired me!

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